We at KYK Exports are committed to build and sustain a large-scale and high-quality organization with the Customer as our primary focus. This will at large be achieved by delivering high-quality products with uniformity at reasonable prices.


Regular practice of modifications and improvements based on data and evaluations in all areas of operation, with foremost emphasis on the active involvement of customers, suppliers, and employees, along with adherence to documented procedures and constant up-gradation of technology, will ensure that our customers remain one step ahead of their competition at all times.


KYK Exports is a manufacturer of Pet Preform. Over the past 8+ years, we have had the first-hand experience in overcoming various challenges emerging from different fields such as manufacturing, quality assurance, and economics, working in the industry and with clients all over India and Globally, we have a clear understanding of what our customers want. And ever since, we've been pushing the boundaries of technology, striving to design solutions that make your production seamless and your business competitive.

Each and every product manufactured undergoes stringent testing and validations before it is introduced and included in our product range. We enlist the help of various top-rated third-party organizations for checking and re-checking our promise to our customers. Each manufacturing facility is 100% compliant with local and international standards. Fully equipped laboratories can be found in all facilities and are essential to the KYK Exports requirements of packaging superiority.



"It was a pleasure dealing with KYK Exports. Their marketing & production teams are very professional. Their Products are very high quality and shipment was delivered before our expectations."